When you’re on a tight budget, but you still want to do something with one or more rooms in the house, you’re in a bit of a conundrum. What can you do to begin to give your home a makeover while still keeping your pocketbook intact?

Here are three ways to redecorate your home affordably.

Artwork on the Walls

For most of us, buying a classic painting from a famous artist is not possible. But, with modern photographic and printing techniques, it’s actually not necessary. Instead, you can buy wall art that reproduces a photograph or a piece of art as an art print that looks just like the real thing. The image can be selected (or you can supply one of your own) and it is reproduced and sent to your door when it’s printed and framed.

Alternatively, another great idea that’s even more authentic is to have a canvas print made of a work of art. It looks much like the real thing by using a poly-cotton blended canvas, bars stretch the canvas out correctly, so it’s perfectly visible and appropriate color inks are used for the period.

Lighting Fixtures

A great way to spruce up the appearance of a room without it being overly costly is to change a few light fixtures for something more modern. Getting some LED lights into a room that’s too dark in places or changing the fixture to something newer and matching it with dimmer switches offers a mood lighting effect that wasn’t present before. After a long day in the office, being able to tone down the light level while still illuminating the whole room is appealing.

It makes the world of difference to bring light into a room that was lacking proper illumination. The space will feel so much more inviting when removing the dark corners. Even a strategically placed standing uplighter will bring extra light to troublesome areas.


Depending on how old the building structure is, there could be some old carpets on a few of the floors that haven’t been changed in a couple of decades. You have some choices here. If the carpet isn’t that old, then a professional carpet cleaning could help to bring the color and life back into carpet that’s still got a few good years in it. Alternatively, covering over the bad spots with a new rug is another option that costs less than replacing the carpet on the ground floor.

It’s also possible that the floorboards already provide a natural wooden flooring that’s quite usable. Alternatively, adding a secondary wooden flooring layer over the top of the floorboards could do away with a carpeted floor entirely and give it a whole new look. You can either buy the wooden flooring and fit it yourself or pay a professional to do it.

Redecorating can easily get overwhelming. You can draw up plans for the whole lower or upper floors, but try to only tackle one room at a time so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Aggie Aviso