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Moving home should be an exciting time for you and your brood. You are moving onto pastures new to make memories in another pad. However, moving day, when it finally comes around, inevitably ends up being stressful. This tends to be because of the importance we place on getting everything perfect as well as there being a mammoth amount of money being involved. To ensure that you make your moving day as stress-free as possible, follow this guide.

Pets And Children

If you are moving with a dog and some human little darlings, moving can be stressful because of a change in routine. Dogs and cats adore knowing when they get fed, walked, and played with. Kids are pretty much the same. They crave routines and habits so when this is broken suddenly, they can begin to misbehave. You need to keep your pets and your kids occupied on such a unique day. Ensure that you get up early and take the dog for a long walk. This way, he or she will be tired and will be happy to stay in their crate for the move with a couple of toys and few treats.

To help your little cherubs manage the move effectively, ensure that you prep them by chatting about the move every day for a couple of weeks before. Allow them to pack up their own room and encourage them to pack a box that they can take in the car with them. This could house some games and some snacks – anything to keep them amused on the journey to your new humble abode.

Prep Early

To ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed on your moving day, ensure that you book your movers early. You might even want to source the services of a moving company that has a packing service available. They will come to your home and wrap your belongings in an expert way. If you have an antique mirror that has been in the family for generations, don’t stress about getting it wrapped correctly and allow a team of movers to package your fragile items expertly using the best materials. Use a firm with a good local reputation to try and ease your anxieties when it comes to your furniture and items traveling across the country.

The Night Before

Rest well the night before and get an early night. Ensure that the house you are leaving is tidy and clean ready for the new owners so you don’t have to worry about that before you move. Play a quick game of box Tetris and ensure that everything is accessible for moving. Pack your own small moving box that you will keep with you. Pack a bottle of bubbly, the kettle and some mugs. This way, you can enter your new home and have a cuppa at the ready in a moment’s notice. You’ll also have a bottle of bubbly to accompany your takeaway pizza for dinner in your new pad. Ensure you have the numbers of your property lawyer and mortgage provider just in case your need to check on your financial transaction.

Follow this guide and you will find your moving day remain stress-free, leaving you time to look forward to moving into your new home.

Aggie Aviso