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A job in healthcare can seem daunting to some. The potential responsibility of having someone else’s life in your hands can send some people into a cold sweat and reaching for the brown paper bag. If on the other hand, the thought of helping your fellow man makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you may find the job satisfaction provided by a healthcare role ideal for you.

The field of healthcare encompasses many different jobs including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, counselors, occupational health therapists and healthcare assistants. Some of these roles obviously require more qualifications and a longer time dedicated to study than others, but many jobs are accessible to all. Take a look at these reasons why you should pursue a career in healthcare.

Doing Something Good

Most people who work in hospitals and clinics entered their profession because of the opportunity to help people. If you love the thought of doing something for the benefit of others, there’s no more appropriate career than healthcare. As a nurse, you could find yourself keeping lonely patients company as they wait for their operations, administering medicine or simply being a shoulder to cry on or a listening post for those going through a tough time. Your contribution to society will be vast, and although you won’t always be thanked, you’ll go home at the end of each shift knowing you’ve made a difference.

Transferable Skills

It doesn’t matter what career you are coming from, there are jobs within healthcare to suit all skill sets. If you are empathetic and a good listener while being able to solve problems, you might want to consider a career as a counselor. After you have completed an online masters degree in mental health counseling, you’ll have numerous counseling methodologies under your belt alongside hours of in-clinic practice and a solid professional network to fall back on should you need any guidance throughout your career.

Being a healthcare professional doesn’t limit you to becoming a doctor or a nurse after goodness knows how many years of study, hospital practice and then selecting a postgraduate specialism. The job options within healthcare are immense and offer a viable career path to all. The joy of the healthcare field is that it attracts people from all walks of life who simply want to help others.


Every day you go to work as a healthcare professional is varied and different. You will notice a vast difference from the humdrum monotony of a 9 – 5 desk job. You’ll be on your feet, more active, talking to more people and feeling the adrenaline rush of dealing with emergency situations. Not for the faint hearted, you may find yourself supporting other professionals in saving people’s lives. If that doesn’t get your heart racing and your endorphins moving, nothing will.

If you are eager to make a positive impact, see the benefit that you are having in your work every day and wish to utilize your skill set for something more worthwhile, then you should venture down the healthcare career path.

Aggie Aviso