So hello again, Project Life! If you follow me on Instagram, I shared then a photo of how I was so excited to open Photoshop and get scrapping again after not opening it for two months because of summer activities.

I am sharing some pages right now with you and jumping into May because, truth be told, April is not finished yet (too many stories!), and I might as well share pages that are complete.

What is real right now…

Documenting things has not been a priority for the summer.
Experiencing things, soaking it all in was.

It was all about taking pictures, looking at the pictures again, talking about the experiences, looking at the pictures again, remembering the stories. Before I knew it, it was already June, and boom – I was behind. It got overwhelming, I was frustrated that I can’t crank out a page as fast as I used to. My mind had too many stories.

What worked for me was…

What I did was to work my way back up, that way June and May is taken cared of. Right now, I am also caught up until the present of July.

What I do is this – event pages or those that do not need that much journaling goes into the ProjectLife App and the ones that I want to have more creative control of goes into Photoshop and I use the digital kits. It works. Again, I am completely in awe of the app and agree that it is a complete game changer for the memory keeping industry.

Here are some digital pages I have made:

AAvisoJune5 Remember my birthday spread pages? Each of us gets one in our album. Credits: Big Shot Template 9, Template U, Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party, Font: Bariol

AAvisoJune6 Credits:Big Shot Template 7, Template R, Maggie Holmes Flea Market

AAvisoJune7 Credits: Big Template 2, Template S, Inspired, Font: Bariol and Amelie

Just to give you an idea, here are pages made through the Project Life app.

Note that these have do not have journaling in them yet (I do them in the computer because I am quite nitpicky with my fonts but you can easily do it in the app itself):

May 17 May 22 1 May 22 4

You can check out my other pages for the year here, here and here.

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ProjectLifeCreativeTeamBadge copy Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. As part of the Digital Creative Team for 2015, I will be sharing my process on doing Project Life. I don’t blog often (and so much) in detail, but share snippets of how I work and document memories through my Instagram. (Follow me there – maybe you can learn a tip or two?) You can also sign up for my newsletter to receive updates straight to your e-mail inbox.

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