It seems as if the month has gone by without me taking time to sit down and notice things.

Whoa. Halfway through 2015.

Can you believe it?

June was pretty uneventful for us.

For me it seemed as though we were just recuperating from the busy-ness of summer and forced to move forward to prepare for the new season – school, which leads to the dreaded expenses. We didn’t go out much (because again, of school, and its dreaded expenses) and I think I worked too hard to be able to fully “in” and present towards what was happening to us, everyday.


So when I sat down to complete pages – I was drawing a blank. I had dismal photos! In fact, I had more photos of things I saved from IG or shared with friends over Viber than photos I took myself!

It seems as if the month has gone by without me taking time to sit down and notice things. Which made me really sad.

Two realizations

1. When I didn’t take the time to slow down and be present, I was officially always grumpy and hot-headed. It seemed life was not going the way I planned. I was always upset over the tiniest things and took it all out with the kids and Edil. But when I made a conscious effort to slow down and notice things, the unremarkable details, I almost always become grateful. And life, however hard, becomes bearable.

2. I’m all in for telling our stories. Really. When I was so down with the lack of photos I have, I scrolled through my past pictures and once again, I was reminded why I was doing this, why I want to make it work for me. I chanced upon pictures of the last few months of my Dad (when he was still alive), and though, I wish I could’ve taken more pictures (with me beside him), I was grateful I took as many pictures as I can.

This is where the commitment to storytelling comes in.


I have to tell you it was hard creating these pages. And I could’ve just called it DONE and it will still be good *documenting is always good, even if you aren’t satisfied with your output, remember that.”

But I was committed to making sure our right now is told, and that’s where I brainstormed for ideas.

And I’m glad I did.

Because really, I’m writing this right now a day after a life-altering decision came towards my family (hey, stalkers, relax, this life-altering decision is ALL good), and honestly? It gives me all the more reason to document every single day.


Cultivate a good life and record it. Because tomorrow life my change and these little things you have right now? They will become memories and that is all that is left and all that you have.

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