Is it March already?

That was what I tweeted yesterday when I realized that is going to be March next week!


What is more surprising for me is, I got to finish my January Project Life pages on time too.

As I’ve previously mentioned in my game plan for Project Life for this year and as part of my three BIG goals, I aim to have completed pages done on time. This means that once the month is over, it won’t take me three months (or the next year) to complete pages – I’m going to get it done right away. It helps that since I’m on the team this year so it further motivates me to be on top (and on time) of my game. This month’s digital Project Life inspiration from the creative team has also been posted – you might want to check it out!

My January monthly divider cover.


I toned it down a bit as I decided to have our monthly family picture in the front of each new month. That’s a Template H (in a 12×12 canvas) and the kit I used was the Project 52 (seriously so in love with this kit, you can create numerous styles/themes/color combinations in this kit alone).

My January monthly recap.


This time around I decided to highlight 15 good memories of the past month (a sort of play in the year 20fifteen, if you guess what I’m trying to do!). The word art is by Ali Edwards. This is a very simple layout (literally, just text = stories) but somehow manages to narrate every big thing for this month. I’m looking forward to reading this in the years to come, I can tell.

My stories.

(Click on each thumbnail to make it bigger)

I keep it very plain and simple with my spreads – I don’t even edit photos anymore if I forget to do retouches in the PicTapGo app before I import them in my computer.

A few other things.

  • The fonts I used predominantly are Bariol, Amelie, Caecilia Lt. Bold. I don’t mix up fonts too much in albums. So they will be used all throughout.
  • I am doing it on a 12×12 canvas originally and then shrinking it to 11×11 (giving it an inch border around the edges). Cathy Zielske has this very nice post about the kind of book I want to have by the end of the year – that’s the reason why I’m having borders.
  • I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 to make my pages.
  • The plan is when life gets busy I use the Project Life App too.
  • Usually I rather use one main kit (or coordinating colors at least) per month or for the whole album. However, that can be a tad bit boring when you are working on numerous spreads and as I’ve said in my 2014 Project Life process, I’d like to begin with the end in mind. The end collective result of these pages will be worth it (and nice and cohesive, trust me!)

That is it for me this week. I hope whatever stage you are in your memory-keeping journey, you are choosing like me to move forward and just start.

Have questions? Hit me up in the comments.

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Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. As part of the Digital Creative Team for 2015, I will be sharing my process on doing Project Life. I don’t blog often (and so much) in detail, but share snippets of how I work and document memories through my Instagram. (Follow me there – maybe you can learn a tip or two?) You can also sign up for my newsletter to receive updates straight to your e-mail inbox.


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