For once, I’m actually mostly updated with Project Life this year. I love that I am able to document a month’s worth of stories in a weekend, or even a day. (And I am grateful for the creative team gig which lets me be accountable in producing pages in a timely manner!) I haven’t been as consistent in sharing my pages though – I need to work out a system for sharing my pages that is comfortable to me, so please bear with me.

February was a BIG month for me, simply because it’s my birthday month! Here are a few pages I did for this month, I was able to complete 20 pages for this month alone, so I’m looking forward to getting a really nice thick book by the end of 2015. So many stories!

My February monthly divider cover.


My February monthly recap.


This time around I decided to highlight 15 good memories of the past month (a sort of play in the year 20fifteen, if you guess what I’m trying to do!). The word art is by Ali Edwards. This is a very simple layout (literally, just text = stories) but somehow manages to narrate every big thing for this month. I’m looking forward to reading this in the years to come, I can tell.

My stories.

It was a bit of a stressful time at the beginning of the month with my sister having eclampsia and delivering prematurely. But God is good – both the mom (my sister) and baby are doing well. I love the title card of this Kiwi edition – it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. So spot on for this week.



I’m a bit obsessed with the Kiwi edition. It might just be my favorite kit of the moment just yet! See the From Where I Stand card? I might be using that more often moving forward.


BIG moment for my daughter this month too. She danced gracefully in front of a huge crowd in school. For a very shy girl, this is a HUGE moment. I used the Blush kit in this page.


I am in love with the geometric patterns and whimsy details in this Live Brightly kit. I want to use this kit again.

Lastly, this is a page I made from a little celebration I had with friends – I plan to make a separate album for this experience as we have hundreds of pictures. I used the Maggie Holmes Mini Kit in this spread – love the vintage details and colors of this kit.


That’s it for February. I hope you are plugging along quite nicely with your pages. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, it just has to be DONE.


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Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. As part of the Digital Creative Team for 2015, I will be sharing my process on doing Project Life. I don’t blog often (and so much) in detail, but share snippets of how I work and document memories through my Instagram. (Follow me there – maybe you can learn a tip or two?) You can also sign up for my newsletter to receive updates straight to your e-mail inbox.

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