This has been a long overdue post – as I know most of my readers have come to read my blog specifically because of the 2015 Project Life Creative Team Announcement.


So, I’d just like to say HELLO! first.

(and I hope you stick around!)

Project Life 2015: The Game Plan

I am not veering away too much from the workflow I established last year. I have found that it worked and thanks to the Project Life App, I can do some major catch up on other album projects as well (more on that soon). I tried completing 2012 and 2013, but wasn’t successful – In 2012 I only had November and December to finish while in 2013 I stopped by February (too much stuff going on). However, there was one thing that never stopped: It was me taking pictures, organizing them into weeks or months and writing stories down (through a private Twitter account, my personal Instagram, Facebook, etc). I also use Momento to “slurp” every social media status I make and curate them so it has been easy going “through” little stories.

Digital Project Life - Process

Month By Month: The Basics

(I will be using 2014 pages as my examples in this post)

I use dividers per month.

Basically, I just choose random pictures from my monthly picture feed and throw them into a Template U. I use a calendar I got from The Lily Pad and color the elements based on which one is the predominant hue among the pictures. I try to make sure each one of us is represented well in this divider – and that most big events are shown too (birthdays, for example).


I document stories I deem important.

I don’t document by week. I document by stories. So the number of pages I do vary per month.

But I do layout spreads. This means whenever I scrapbook, I try to make two pages together so I can see how it looks like – regardless of its week.


I do a monthly recap by the end of the month.

I make sure to take a family picture of us each month and include that in.

Memories to Look Out For: Story Ideas

At our current lifestyle, it can be hard to take pictures and be mindfully aware of the little stuff. So I make it a point to do themed storytelling each month (I try, being the operative word, especially if I have fallen behind taking pictures). I find that this helps me be intentional on what story ideas I can use to document what is the now of our life right this month.

Ali Edwards’ everyday life journaling prompts are very helpful to me, especially since I have a son who is gone five days a week during the schoolyear. Her story kits are a goldmine for story sparks. Ronnie of Life Captured has great journaling prompts too.

Keeping It Simple

The plan is to keep it absolutely really simple.

Photos + Words.


What about creativity?

There has been a lot of shifting towards memory keeping processes lately. Many are mixing Project Life with traditional (free-form) layouts – and that’s fine.

I have been thinking a lot about that too actually, especially my need to write to my kids, my reflections and feelings. Sometimes it is hard to constrain it in a 3×4 pocket card.

I’ll take it as it comes, I daresay. I plan to do albums for kids individually this year and more of what I want to tell my kids might go there.

The Outcome: A Book

I plan to print it in a 11×11 hardbound book by the end of the year. It depends on the number of pages I will make. I can make two volumes if needed.

Game on, 2015.
I look forward to sharing my memory keeping process with all of you. My hope is that it inspires you to tell your own stories and be Project Life.

Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. As part of the Digital Creative Team for 2015, I will be sharing my process on doing Project Life. I don’t blog in detail, but share snippets of how I work and document memories through my Instagram. You can also sign up for my newsletter.

Aggie Aviso