First of all, the projects may seem too hard and overwhelming to read all at once, but as Karen (who is fast becoming one of my favorite scrapbookers!) has said, all your projects can capture many of what you want to accomplish this year all at once.

Last year, I only had two goals – complete my P365 (Photo a Day) project and capture my family in one photo together in a month (inspired by : Tara Whitney’s Six People Twelve Times  project). I fell off the P365 project in June, halfway through it, because I was just too busy to document life and yet still LIVE my life. I was able to print my monthly POTDs in albums though.

I was successful in my 4 People Twelve Times project though, and I have yet to document them into an album. I will be doing it again this year.

My ultimate goal this year is to be able to document our life as a family and still be an active player in it, not just be the one documenting it, being passive. Last year, scrapbooking took a backseat while I slaved away at work, facing my computer longer than I give face time (quality time) with my kids. All that is going to change this year.

For one thing, I am not going to be aiming to get into the P365 project or even the P52. I just want to accomplish one thing: get into the habit of writing more – again.

Which led me to Amy’s W.E.D project. I will write something everyday, by hand, everyday, in my planner or notebook for 2011. It will allow me 1. just be myself, 2. make me aware of what has happened in our day, 3. hone my rusty writing skills and 4. allow me some great foundation for my pages. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my Matthew-isms album was a hit – and that was when I was actively documenting my kids’ every thought and action. I do not need to write extensively. Just a little snippet of what I want to remember. It doesn’t even have to be connected to my day.

Connected to my writing goal, I have one album to accomplish this year, and that would be an album all about me, inspired by CZ’s A-Z of me, and the SIX WORDS Memoir project.  (Note that this is the only album I plan on finishing this year – I am not setting too much high goals for this year.) Read more about it here.

There is one thing I will be committing to each week of the year though, and that would be the Weekly Gratitude project.

And of course, I will be going through the Four People Twelve Times again for 2011.

You can get inspired by more projects here.

Aggie Aviso