I got inspired with Bananabellieboo’s post about her creative goals so I decided to share mine in the blog.

Just a bit of a background

I actually have been doing goals since 2011. BUT…I have never really been effective in achieving half of what I list down at the beginning of the year except for 2012. I did awesome that year, even if I set those goals way into the year already. 2013 was a challenging year for me, personally, that I didn’t even scrap at all after the second month of the year. I tried again in 2014. And considering how challenging the year was, work-wise, I think I did pretty good.

Moving forward to 2015

The main masterplan is to just create. I have broken it down to three parts – which I think covers what I want to improve on creatively. Let me clarify though that these goals are just my creative goals. I have my own goals that deal with my spiritual, physical, emotional and whatever-aspect-you-can-think of too. I’m not just sharing them (yet).

The GOAL is to just CREATE


Yep. I’ve got bitten by the handwritten movement. I have always loved doodling (and contrary to most, I love my handwriting. I perfected it in third grade when I realized my chicken writing wouldn’t get me far – I’m left handed too, by the way) but “making something with my hands” lost its appeal when I discovered the wonders of technology. Now, I’m trying to relearn everything I tried to perfect when I was young – having great handwriting. My goal at the end of the year is to improve on my lettering skills. I have this dream of having my own book of favorite quotes that are designed in great word art by me!


There is one thing that has been consistent with me ever since I discovered scrapbooking in 2005. Even if I am not actively creating scrapbook pages, I am documenting memories. I have this H.U.G.E backlog of stories that I want to organize and print someday – but I understand I will never get caught up – EVER. That’s just how memory keeping & living life is, I guess. My hope for this year is to be able to finish our year in review album on time (by that I mean by January 2016) and be intentional with my storytelling again. I will be delving more into my ProjectLife Plan for 2015 in another post.


I want to get back into the habit of writing again, for me. Being paid to write for a living is hard, especially if I write about topics that really aren’t close to my heart but I’m knowledgeable about. I have written close to 500 articles last year, all for work, and close to 20 for myself. Let’s tip the scales a bit shall we? To be honest, even hitting a daily goal is too high a mark for me given my workload. But I don’t want to lose my sense of self. I miss my writing voice and I intend to get it back.

These ones are my BIG rocks. My big three. I read that for one to be productive in a day, he should just have 3 big goals or else he’d end up overwhelmed. These three BIG ones are little projects that will bring BIG results by the end of the year. I actually have that sign pinned in my corkboard already.

Aside from those 3 BIG ones, here are my other creative plans. Take note, I said plans instead of goals. (I secretly have them as goals, but for the sake of being not accountable, I’ll label them as plans – HA!) These projects cost a bit of money so I’m not sure if I can set aside a budget for all of them since we have other financial, travel and family goals to hit this year. But, slowly but surely – I have these at the back of my mind all the time:

15 in 2015

  1. Finish our photo gallery wall. We have this huge, beautiful, blank space in the living room that I’d love to fill with pictures and paintings and art prints.
  2. Finish my All About Me album. (before I turn a year older, which is happening in less than a month)
  3. Make an album about any of our travels. We only have two actually – Singapore and Hongkong.
  4. Learn Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.
  5. Improve my workstation. I need an ergonomic chair, an efficient shelf/trolley/cart to hold my art supplies and an extra laptop. My iMac has been driven to the ground by the workhorse I’ve been lately. I’m scared that it might give up on me if I don’t let it rest enough (Plus it has been faithfully working alongside with me since 2010 – it needs to go to the Apple Center for cleaning and maintenance).
  6. Read 40 books. Do you follow me on Goodreads? Let’s be friends!
  7. Give handmade, well-thought of gifts.
  8. Have a system for the kids’ school stuff for safekeeping – awards, certificates, pictures, artwork – in an album.
  9. Do a Week in the Life again.
  10. Write letters to my kids once a month. Handwritten letters to my kids.
  11. Pick up and use the camera more than my iPhone.
  12. Dream board.
  13. Write an e-book. Or a book.
  14. Develop a series on the blog about memory keeping to help people learn how to document their stories in a way that’s easy, convenient but still meaningful.
  15. Create an abstract painting.

Do you need to have this visible? Lynnette of Nettio Designs has this awesome printable in helping you write down your goals.

What do you think about my 15 in 2015 plans?

Care to share yours?

Aggie Aviso