It’s never too late. (I must say)

I think I stopped making scrapbooking goals since 2010. So many projects to do, left unfinished. Mind you, my goals were all intentional. I just never followed through.

So even if it’s June, given that I have more choices on what I want to do creatively this time around, I decided to push through and set creative goals for myself. Take not of the word creative, not scrapbooking. I just want to ignite my creativity again and have some organized output for my family to enjoy.

Some of these goals are albums, scrapbooking projects, writing exercises and photo prompts. All of these have one end goal in mind – to hopefully resurrect my creativity.

1. Finish one themed album a month, pictures + words. No scrapbooking kits necessary. (China trip, SG trip, HK trip).
JUNE: Instagr.am Album 2011
JULY: Holidays 2009 Album
AUGUST: Wedding Anniversary Album | Travel: China Album | Holidays 2008
SEPTEMBER: Holidays 2011

2. Finish Ali Edwards’ 31 Things class with writing outputs (writing exercises – I am still thinking whether I should share my output or not). – thinking of doing this in September.

3. Participate in a Photo-A-Day Challenge and complete it. – participated in July – see my posts here.

4. Finish List Class (writing prompts – I am sharing this on this blog). – participated in August – see my posts here.

5. A-Z about Aggie (writing + photo prompts, inspired by Cathy Zielske). – started doing this in September.

6. Share Project Life updates – for accountability.

7. Blog about creative projects — before, the plan and the finished product.
Instagram AlbumIn Progress. Finished Product. Actual Photos of the Album.
Holidays 2009 AlbumIn Progress. Finished Album..Actual Photos of the Album
Wedding Anniversary AlbumIn Progress. Finished Album. Actual Photos of the Album.
China Travel AlbumIn Progress. Finished Album. Actual Photos of the Album.
Holidays 2008 AlbumFinished album. Actual Photos of the Album.

8. Once a week, share inspiring creative posts you’ve pinned (via Pinterest) or starred (via Google Reader).

9. Do A Week in the Life.

10. LOAD – Layout A Day — for scrapbooking purposes (use all those kits), maybe for 30 days.

11. Organize loose prints into albums and boxes.

12. Have those picture frames up in the house.

Aggie Aviso