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An easier life is something that most of us are striving for – particularly around the home. When you get back after a long day, you want everything to run smoothly so you can unwind in peace. The last few years, in particular, have seen huge advances in technology that it is certainly worth taking advantage of. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Well, this list is here to give you a helping hand if you are struggling to decide which home improvements are most desirable to you. Take a look at a few that are proving to be very popular at the moment.

Smart Thermostat

Rather than having to wait until you get home to adjust the temperature, a smart thermostat can be programmed to heat or cool the house at particular times of the day. You can even control everything from your smartphone. As well as helping to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, this device can also save you cash as you won’t be heating your home unnecessarily throughout the day.

Bluetooth Lock

If you are the kind of person who regularly forgets your keys or can never seem to find them in the first place, this is the home improvement for you! All you will need is your phone and you can simply touch it to the control pad to let yourself in. This technology is still fairly new so traditional locks still probably provide better security at the moment, but there is no doubt that it will continue to improve and keys maybe yet another thing that disappear because of technology!

Smart Shower and Towel Warming Drawer

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If you are in the process of bathroom remodelling or simply want to make one or two upgrades, these two should be at the top of your list. Firstly, a smart shower allows you to set and save your shower preferences including everything from the perfect temperature to the intensity of the shower. And when you get out of the shower, a towel warming drawer will keep them nice and toasty for you!

Video Doorbell

Rather than peering through the peephole to find out who is at your door, a video doorbell allows you to both see and speak to anyone who comes to your door. You don’t even have to be at home as you can stream the footage directly to your smartphone. And you can then go back over the footage so you can make sure that there are no suspicious characters hanging around your property.

Smart Lighting

Everything seems to be labelled ‘smart’ these days, and lighting is just another one to add to the list. Before you wake up in the morning, you can program the lights to brighten gradually so your body can wake up more naturally rather than being startled awake by a loud alarm. Similarly, you can program them to dim to help send you off to sleep. Ultimately, you are in a position of much greater control.

Home Assistants

Amazon and Google are probably leading the way with regards to home assistants, and these voice-activated devices take up a minimal amount of room while still proving to be very useful. Everything from accessing information to playing music can be done entirely by voice command and you can also hook it up to other features around the home including your lighting. These items are perfect for the times when your hands are full and you don’t need to get up to sort anything out.

Robotic Vacuum

Let’s face it; nobody likes having to do the vacuuming. With an automatic vacuum such as a Roomba, a lot of the work is taken care of. These devices are fully programmable and you can even connect them up to Wi-Fi these days. Just set it off and it will work its way around your house sucking up bits of dust and debris – all you have to think about is emptying out the dustpan from time to time.

Smart TV

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Many people have already made the upgrade to a Smart TV, but if you haven’t yet, it is certainly worth doing so. You no longer need to keep your old DVD collection as everything from TV shows to movies are all available through streaming. You can also use your other devices to cast pictures and videos onto the screen. And smartphone remotes allow you to control everything from one place.

Cook Dinner Remotely

Cooking dinner without even being at home may seem like something from a different age, but this is something that is now becoming an option for people who invest in a Wi-Fi slow cooker. Everything can be taken care of from an app so you can decide to start cooking dinner whenever you choose. If you happen to be out of the house for longer than expected, you can simply adjust the temperature while you are on the go.

Smart Garage Door Opener

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It doesn’t seem all that long since electronic garage door openers were something to be envied, but the smart garage door opener takes things one step further. Like many of the things on this list, your smartphone is the only thing you will need to operate the system so you can control your garage door from wherever you are. This means that you can open up your garage door as you are going to leave the house and close it again after you have pulled your car out.

The 10 things on this list are just a few of the possibilities that now exist in today’s technological age. A home is always a work in progress, so you can gradually start to make these upgrades over time. What you decide to do first is really up to what would make your life easiest. However, once you have made these improvements, be warned that it will be difficult to imagine your life before you had them!       

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