People are naturally drawn to people that make them feel good about themselves. The people we remember most in our lives are the ones that engaged us, listened to us, and helped us see the world in a better way. These people are known as ‘people people, ’ and they’re the ones we aspire to be like. If you already find yourself drawing others toward you, then chances are one of these 10 careers could see you applying those skills for success:

  1. Teacher

Do you remember that one teacher that made a class a pleasure? You found it easier to learn and quickly came to love the subject that teacher taught. Everything about the topic was interesting and engaging, and you were surprised by how quickly you got through the tasks. A great teacher has a way of making a class of unique people feel part of a whole. Good teachers help everyone feel at ease. And they have a natural flair for making what they have to say engaging and interesting for everyone.

  1. Hairdresser

Do you ever find your afternoon at the salon ruined by the low-energy, clearly-bored, and less than enthusiastic hairdresser? You’re at the salon to feel good about yourself. You want to talk about the condition of your hair and the best cut to frame your face. You might even want to problem-solve a color problem. To be faced with a cutter with no people skills can even put you off going back. To excel in this career, you need more than creative scissor skills. You need excellent people skills and ability to engage every customer.

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  1. Esthetician

An estheticians job is to make the client feel at ease. Customers visit this specialist because they are worried about their appearance. They might be fretful something is wrong with their skin. Beyond the skills and training for these high-end beauty treatments, an esthetician should have excellent people skills. You should have an ability to approach sensitive issues with care and compassion. And you should be really good at discussing the details of treatment options. Talking endlessly about yourself isn’t the best approach. Instead, keep to the topic of your client.

  1. Manager

It’s easy to become a super-delegator when you’re a manager. And it’s easy to take on all the work yourself. A good manager engages her team so well that they approach her and actively volunteer to take on the tasks at hand. They’re motivated, and they’re inspired by the manager’s approach. They love coming to work because they are heard, engaged, and invited at the top level to help make the decisions that are important. There is usually plenty of feedback, and work is delegated to their strengths.

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  1. Sales

Most customers are very wary of salespeople. There is a good reason for this. They’re worried you’re going to sell them the items that personally make them the most commission. That means you need to make sure you’re helping your customer make the discoveries themselves. Introduce different product options so they can make comparisons and let them ask the questions that come to mind. Be warm, welcoming and friendly, putting your exemplary people skills to work. Customers will naturally be drawn to you.

  1. Coaching

Whether you’re coaching a baseball team, or you’re a life coach, people skills are essential. Your clients or team come to you because they want to be better at what they do. They might even want to become the best. They are the ones doing all the work. You simply have to support them on their journey. Inspire them and motivate them to keep at it even when they’re having a bad day. This career is a tough choice, but if you’ve got a talent for helping people feel confident in themselves, you’re halfway to success already.

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  1. Nurse

Have you ever felt really frightened in the hospital, or worried about your health? Nurses are highly qualified and highly skilled medical personnel. But if they don’t have exemplary people skills, chances are they will never reach the top of their career. Most nurses are also managing a team of people to help provide the care required in their medical setting. That means they need to make sure everyone is doing a very high standard job, regardless of pay or educational background. Most importantly, they need to help patients stay calm and comfortable no matter what is going on.

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  1. Customer Services

This is one of the toughest jobs to take on. It rarely pays well when you start out. And chances are you’ll be listening to people complain all day long. However, if you’re quick and people-oriented, you can turn these negative situations around before it becomes nasty. A little friendliness, empathy, and an apology can go a really long way. Convey your understanding of the situation your customer is facing. Provide the answers and fix the problems. Chances are you can turn a bad day into a really good one.

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  1. Police Officer

Most of the press stories we hear about the police are quite negative. However, police officers have a huge role to play in community relations. Fear of an organization like the police can aggravate situations. It is a good police officer’s role to install confidence in the force and in the power of law enforcement. Not an easy job! As you can see, people skills are enormously beneficial for completing this important role.

  1. Florist

The grumpy florist rarely sees return business. The act of giving flowers is a big thing for the customer. They need to know the bouquet they’re selecting is right for the occasion. Many of those reasons can be quite sad or solemn. If you choose to become a florist, you will need to be very people oriented. You need to offer the right advice in the right tone, and help customers find what they’re looking for. An approachable people-person is ideal for this role.

Whatever career you’re looking to get into, your people skills will probably be essential for that role. How do you get on with others?

Aggie Aviso