How To Get Your Home Ready For A Family Member To Move In


We all know that there’s nothing as important as family in life. Sometimes, as much as you’re close to a family member, or how often you see them, you can find often that there’s even more than you can do for them to make them happy and ensure that their life is as comfortable as it can be. That’s definitely the case when it comes to having a family member move in with you. Whether you’re thinking of having your elderly parents move in, or you have a son or daughter coming back to live with you after college, it’s often important that you can get your house ready to accommodate them.

Decide On A Space

The first towards making this happen involves the space that it can happen in. When you have a family member coming to live with you, you often want to be able to give them as much space as possible. So, to do that, you may find that you need to convert your garage into an annex, fix up a side of your house, or even the attic or an outbuilding. It’s often great to be able to give them their own dedicated space and a conversion can do that.

Create The Right Look

Then, when you’ve decided on the space, you’re going to need to get it ready for them. Whether you do convert some of your house, or already have a set space, you’re then going to want to spruce it up to make sure they’ll be comfortable living there. You should be sure to go with decorating options that work with the rest of your house, but that you think they’ll like or that they can add their own touches too.

Get The Facilities Ready

Next, you may want to think about the right facilities that they’re going to need. Not only may they need to have their own separate bathroom, or something built into the living space, but they may need kitchen facilities too. Of course, if you have built this into the conversion, you’re off to a great start. Just be sure that they have everything they may need to feel comfortable living with you.

Help Them Pack

But there are also preparations to do that aren’t at your house. When you have a family member coming to live with you, they’re going to need to pack up all of their things, hire the best movers, and then get everything they need over to your house. Whether they’re elderly parents packing up their entire life or your kid coming back from college, this can take time, so remember that.

Settle Them In

Then finally, you’re going to want to make sure that they settle in right. This can often be a huge change for your family member, so you want to make their transition as easy as possible. Be sure to make a nice dinner for them when they arrive to make them feel welcome, and be around should ever they need you.

Aggie Aviso

Aggie Aviso describes herself as her family’s storyteller and memory keeper. A mom to two kids ages 14 and 8, she is certainly past the age of sleepless nights and adorable pigtails. However, motherhood stays exciting, more meaningful and yes, more challenging. She takes it all in stride, knowing fully well that moments pass by in a blink of an eye. As Gretchen Rubin famously said, “The days are long, but the years are short.” She has discovered how wonderful it is to have those fleeting moments in time documented in their family books and has made it her personal mission and passion to be able to tell their stories for her future grandkids. You can read more about her here.. Subscribe to blog updates and the occasional letter here.