A Productive Rant About Self-Confidence


A lack of self-confidence is something you can fight. Here’s how!

Keeping track of things

People who lack self-confidence often don’t have that sharp an idea of why they feel that way. The problem with this is that you can’t begin to solve ‘problems’ unless you actually know what they are. Some people are afraid to think too long about these things – and it’s true that you shouldn’t dwell on them – but keeping track of the things you don’t like about yourself can actually help in the long run.

The fact is that it is possible to change a lot of the things that people with self-confidence problems tend to worry about. Got a weight problem? If you’re having trouble losing or gaining weight by yourself, speak to a doctor or a nutritionist. Don’t think you’re that smart? Take an online course in something. Don’t like your style? Get a makeover.


Kill your perfectionism

Perfectionism really is the enemy of getting anything good done. It paralyzes you, rendering you unable to really complete any of your goals. If you feel like you need to be perfect, or that everything you work on or create has to be perfect, then you’re never going to feel that confident with yourself – precisely because perfection isn’t something you can actually achieve.

Getting over perfectionism isn’t something impossible. You just have to remember that people won’t judge you as harshly as you may think simply because what you have to offer isn’t perfect. Other people don’t expect it from you, so you shouldn’t expect it from yourself. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to improve yourself if you feel like you need to, but don’t let that need suffocate you.


Getting spiritual about it

Self-confidence is a very abstract thing, and it’s not always possible to turn every problem you have into a to-do list that will fix everything. This is why some people may want to turn to the more spiritual side of the matter.

Spiritual self-confidence seems hard to define, but it has a lot more to do with intuition. If you feel a vague sense of being unconfident about where you are in life right now – a discomfort that can’t be explained away with dissatisfaction with your professional, financial, or romantic circumstances – then you may want to consider getting a psychic reading.

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A few more tips

Honestly? Some of the best things you can do when it comes to self-confidence are physical in nature. When most people think about self-confidence, they think about mindset alterations. (Heck, that’s what I’ve been doing this entire article!) But it’s important to recognize that not everything can be fixed with tweaks in mindset. Sometimes, you need to be a bit more physical.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do; it boosts self-confidence because it increases your strength, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and boosts your ability to do things. Even walking differently can help you. Don’t slouch or look down at the ground – walk with your back straight, looking ahead. Pick up your walking pace. This will help you look a million times more confident – which will also help you feel confident!

Aggie Aviso

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