New Project Life Core Kits!

In case you didn’t know about Project Life, go check out Becky Higgins blog! I have switched to doing Project Life as my memory keeping tool and process since last year and it has made me feel better at living my life AND preserving my memories real time. I am a digital scrapbooker ever since and if you are curious how to make books from templates, you can try it here.

Now, this has been been all over scrap-a-land for a week now and I have had my share of drooling over all the new kits debuting this May at retail craft stores near you! I hope and pray my local scrapbook store picks up the lines as well, it would save us a lot of stress and anticipation from ordering online and having it shipped.

What would be my favorite? It’s hands down, the Midnight Edition by Liz Tamanaha.


Coming in close second and third would be the Jade and Kraft Editions. Honey is also something I want. Well, I actually want them all.

All I can say is, I am so happy to finally recruit friends over to doing Project Life! Now I have someone to share my craziness with and even swap with. *winking and hoping*

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