My Other Hobby: Watching TV Series

I haven’t been updating this little blog of mine with scrapbooking stuff as much as I want to. December is always a busy month, and more so this season but not in a happy kind of way. We suffered an unexpected death in the family and it has hit us hard — but we are trying to move forward and praying for healing.

I am trying to get back to normal. Normal for me means organizing Project Life materials again, choosing pictures, which ones to use on journals and slowly get ready for the new year. Aside from scrapbooking, I am catching up on my fall TV series! I have a week’s worth of episodes to go through before I can get caught up with the winter hiatus of most of the series I watch and then maybe I can rest from watching too much TV too.

I might not too. See, I have discovered I can watch online series that is called web TV. This is not your usual TV series but a series of episodes in different categories: Video Game, Comedy, Animated, Cartoon & Comics, Woodworking, Drama, How-Tos & DIY, Music, Health & Fitness, Educational, Celebrity Entertainment, Food & Drink, Parenting & Family, News & Politics, Sports & Cars, Talk & Interview, Technology, and Fashion & Beauty. They are called webisodes. You can watch these on I just log in using my Facebook account – it makes it easier for me to comment and share webisodes I love and favorite them in my account.

Webisodes close to my heart (and passion) are from the How-To’s & DIY category. It involved some DIY home improvement projects and crafts I can do on my own or with my kids. I love that I get to learn something new and be entertained in the process too.

Check out, a new form of web TV!

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