Thinking About Project Life for 2013

So if you haven’t heard (or read), Becky Higgins has given us the new designs for Project Life next year and some other new AWESOME products too! I haven’t been sleeping well actually even if I’ve been sleeping with body pillows.

You can read all about it through the links below:
Project Life 2013 Editions
Seafoam Edition
Olive Edition

Baby Editions
Childhood Editions

I am beyond excited for everything actually. But to be honest, I am also dreading the cost. This year was my first year in doing Project Life and I ordered the kit + protectors + album (Clementine Edition). Here I am, nine months into the project and I have most of my photos + journaling done digitally through digital products available online (I have lots of freebies too) – I mainly use Ali Edwards’ and Cathy Zielske’s products over at The most used in the core kit were the title cards and big 4×6 journaling cards – but they are still almost 3/4 full. I also bought the digital edition (via and use it a lot, especially if I want to use overlays.

So what have I realized so I can prepare for next year?

I will still be doing Project Life for next year – there is no other way I can think of that lets me take in the little details and everything else comprehensively without having to do one digital page about it. It can get expensive though, I have to admit, but I am wiser now so I would be getting the core kits in digital format and will be buying albums and page protectors only.

I thought that I can have one album solely for 2012, but I am into my 2nd album for the year so I will be getting two for 2013. So excited how this is going to look right on our shelf!

Just in case you were wondering, I will be doing a digital album Year In Review still, but it’s a lot simpler with photos and main events (no little Martha-ism quotes and stuff).

What I am truly excited about

I am so excited about the Baby Editions though. So. Very. Excited.

Remember I posted about my album goal projects? All of those projects are past the preparation/planning stage. I have all the pictures organized and categorized, specific dates I need to include + journaling. I went through blog entries and deleted and organized thousands of baby pictures of my youngest to be able to be finally ready to do her album (She doesnt even have a baby book) – this was a process that was stop-and-go for almost a year.

And when I finally sat down to put it all together – I was stumped. Do I go clean and graphic or all clustery? How? Templates? How? My questions and confusion were endless.

So once I saw the yellow edition for the Baby Edition – I was sold. Yellow was my daughter’s color when she was a baby. I personally called her my Little Piece of Sunshine.

I actually took down notes on Becky’s video explaining the Baby Edition and how she is approaching hers, and I plan to do the same.

I can’t wait for this to happen!

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