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I share my thoughts about family, motherhood, womanhood, working from home, creating goals and being productive. I will also share my creative pursuits and hopefully (try to) inspire you to write your own story.

Currently | November 2015

Hello November (and hello blog)! It’s been a long hiatus and everyday I start with an intention to make time and fail. Now, I am sitting here, writing instead of tinkering with my phone. It’s hard to get back into the game so let’s start with the currently list, just because it’s easy.

2015 Project Life: June Pages

When I sat down to complete June’s pages – I was drawing a blank. I had dismal photos! In fact, I had more photos of things I saved from IG or shared with friends over Viber than photos I took myself!

It seems as if the month has gone by without me taking time to sit down and notice things. But I’m glad I’m all in this storytelling. I am committed.

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