30 Days of Lists


Doing this starting today – will share my pages weekly:

30 mini-manifesto
29 i’m grateful for
28 this week i chose to
27 quotes getting me through the day/week/month
26 last year at this time i was…
25 When faced with a tough decision, I….
24 pets (past & present)
23 why i’m excited about today
22 my favorite apps
21 my favorite weather
20 the best ways to workout
19 in the next year, i will
18 so far this year, I…
17 i’m lucky because
16 this month’s soundtrack
15 ways i save money
14 my role models
13 my causes
12 things i do every night
11 things i do every morning
10 i’m craving
9 today’s “ought to do” list
8 comfort foods
7 in my bag
6 my talents
5 things i would like to do/accomplish by the end of this month
4 on an average day, I…
3 this ________, I’m going to __________
2 about me
1 i am a lister because

Words + Type /1

One of my biggest loves-slash-obsession is type. I love letters arranged to become words, designed creatively to give more meaning to its message. In fact, one of my goals is to be able to write as beautifully as those workds I admire, this one is no exception:

You can download her work here.
I have mine as a homescreen for my phone.

About Words + Type:
Every Friday, I will show a visual delight of words (quotes) and type (lettering) I love. These works I compile for my personal inspiration project called WORDS.

My Project Life Process for 2014


After doing Project Life for two years (hybrid, weekly), I decided to switch to my first love, digital for 2014.

Two reasons:
1. This would allow me to get caught up with my album backlog/goals.
2. This is just easier for me in my phase of life right now.

I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t finish my past Project Life albums. In 2012, I was shy of  4 weeks (FOUR! Can you believe it? I’m still trying to psyche myself into finishing) and in 2013, I stopped in March following some personal challenges in April towards the end of the year. I do not know if I will finish it. Chances are I will, sooner or later (I always finish even if it takes yeeeeeeeears). For now, I really really really just want to get back to creating and preserving my stories again. I have been slacking.

The Plan for 2014.

I will do Project Life digital and in monthly form.

Some of the features of my monthly memory keeping plan are:
Around Here.
Right Now (the kids’ edition)
Weekends with Mato

I might be going all-graphic/less artsy with my method this year. I just want a comprehensive book by December of this year.

Some Projects I also will do:


This is Becky Higgins’ famous line. This is why I plan my projects on what outcome I want. And right now, I want tangible photobooks.

1. 4 People 12 Times. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and have loved it. Just take a monthly family picture every month – easier than it looks for most of us. I will incorporate this in our Project Life album.

2. P52. A portrait of my kids together (and apart) once a week for 52 weeks. Reason: I have a son who lives in the dorm 5 days a week during the schoolyear. Things like these, which I took for granted when they were living under the same roof, are precious to me now.

What I will do about this P52: Every week, I take notes about what they do. Just them. And sometimes I write a letter – nothing long. MAYBE I can print them separately a book for a gift? But I’m doing this so I can have a tangible form of my message to my kids – not what they read in our Project Life albums.

3. Project Love Me. A selfie every week. And Im not talking about just my face. Anna Aspnes did this and I love how and what she captured. I plan to have this as an ugly photo book by the end of the year.

I have paper supplies which I plan to use on my pictures pre-digital era. I have a couple of 12×12 albums on their way and I plan to work on MY pictures (childhood) and the kids’ first year albums. I have finished Mato’s, so Martha’s will be next. Mato’s school album files are organized – just waiting on the album to arrive so I can slip and slip – Again, what worked for me was just to use, literally – photos and JUST the cards. No embellishments, no tinkering with Photoshop. I don’t really care for my writing, as long as it’s written, it’s done.

14 in 2014


Here we go.

This is how I want my creative year to be. I want to start a project with the end in mind. So what I will do is very similar to what I did in 2012. I didn’t get to finish everything but I have a 70% success rate – not bad! I also completed so many creative projects that year I was quite proud of myself.

Now to replicate that pride (and up the success rate), I have the following goals:

1. Photography projects. These are year-long goals, with the intention of being able to have an album of the pictures by the end of the year.

  • Project 52 (weekly portraits of the kids together & individually)
  • Four People Twelve Times (monthly family pictures)
  • Project Love Me (weekly selfie)

2. Project Life.
3. Finish Ali Edwards’ 31 Things class with writing outputs (writing exercises – I am still thinking whether I should share my output or not).
4. A-Z about Aggie (writing + photo prompts, inspired by Cathy Zielske). – I want to do this now that I am 33.
5. Do A Week in the Life.
6. Do 30 days of lists again.
7. Create dream board.
8. Finish one themed album a month, pictures + words. No scrapbooking kits necessary.
9. Finish the kids’ first year albums.
10. Finish Matthew’s elementary school album.
11. Create photo wall.
12. Create Christmas card.
13. Learn a new skill/creative hobby.
14. Be brave enough to start (and finish) Dad’s remembrance book by his first death anniversary (September 1st).

Begin with the end in mind.
The first quarter of 2014 is almost over but it is never too late to start, get organized and CREATE.

Blogging for 30 Days: Challenge Accepted

After hemming and hawing, I finally went ahead and told myself – I should just blog for the sake of blogging again. I used to think I should overhaul my site first, then come up with great topics and have pictures on every post – but guess what? That thinking is still thinking.

So I revamped my site layout – not really finished, but it’s pretty enough for me to get motivated to blog.

I have so many creative topics I want to write about but the problem is the time. I always say this all the time – but guess what? All great bloggers are busy. Everyone is busy. But everyone has the time. They make time. They make focus time sacred. So after reading about maintaining an editorial calendar, I went ahead and told myself – Why wait until the first of the month or a great date? Today is the day!

Well, actually tomorrow is THE day. I have planned different topics everyday to share and write about, hopefully to help me be more creative and get things/projects done.

30 Days: Challenge Accepted.